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S Scale Shake Shingle Roofing - Laser Cut - 1:64 1/64

S Scale Shake Shingle Roofing - Laser Cut - 1:64 1/64

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Our high-quality, highly detailed shake shingle roofing material is perfect for the discerning modeler. 
This product is a thick paper which finishes easily with either spray-on or acrylic paint and weathering chalks. 

Package includes five 2" x 6" sheets of scale cedar shake shingle roofing. 

Each sheet includes 3" of ridge cap material to finish roof lines, or anywhere two planes come together. 

When Precision Counts
This is a great fit for fine S scale modeling. This includes S scale model railroads and S scale (or 1/64) scale tractors and farm dioramas. 

Did you know that in some locations, shake shingles were often uséd to cover the sides of houses or buildings as well? 

Note: The images are of our HO shingles on an HO structure, but our S scale shingles are scaled proportionately

Finishing Suggestions
Instructions are included along with a link to our website with more details. 

Start with the lowest layer and work up. Apply a thin line of glue across the top of the shingle strip, but don’t put glue on the shingle tabs.

Remove the rectangular ridge caps from the shingle sheet. Any tab remains can be carefully removed with a gentle carving motion using a sharp razor knife, or the edges can be lightly sanded with 220 grid sandpaper. Apply glue to the back. Attach one at a time and let dry. Continue from outside to inside, finishing with a piece that covers the center.

To add depth to the roof, use the edge of a razor knife to randomly lift shingle tabs. Weather the roof with acrylic weathering chalks. 

We're really proud of this product and we know you'll love it too!

Be sure to check out our full line of laser cut kits, detailed resin models and more!

This product is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned business. 


Cedar shake shingle roofing is composed of "shakes", which are wooden shingles made from split logs. 

S scale is often referred to as 1:64 Scale, 1/64 Scale and sometimes incorrectly called S Gauge. 

Our shake shingle roofing is popular for model trains, model railroads, railroad structures, sheds, out-buildings, S scale sheds, and S scale barns. This product is perfect for both full-scale railroads and narrow-gauge railroads. 
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