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S Scale Corrugated Metal Roofing - Paper - 1/64 1:64 Scale

S Scale Corrugated Metal Roofing - Paper - 1/64 1:64 Scale

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Color is white - Unpainted.

We believe this is the most accurately scaled S-Scale corrugated roofing product on the market. 

Our high-quality, highly detailed corrugated roofing material is perfect for the discerning modeler. 

This product is a dream to finish and is much easier than plastic or metal/foil. This is a thick artist paper which finishes easily using spray-on or acrylic paint and weathering chalks. 

You will receive five 8" x 1.5" strips of white, unpainted paper scale corrugated metal roofing. 

When Precision Counts

Here's how our model roofing stacks up to the real world. 

Note that the 'ridges' In corrugated roofing are referred to as Ribs. 

Corrugated roofing panel sizes vary, but 2' x 8' is one of the standard sizes. 8 ribs per two-foot section, or 4 ribs per foot is common. 



Ribs / Foot

Full Scale

8’ long x 2’ wide

~ 4

S Scale

1/4 Scale

1.5” long x 1/3” wide

~ 3.5

We very slightly and intentionally exaggerate the rib sizes, so they stand out better.

Easy Finishing Suggestions

Instructions are included along with a link to our website with more details. 

Cut panels to desired size. Attach a loop of blue painters’ tape to scrap cardboard and attach pieces of roofing to tape.

Paint with a coat of gray or metallic aluminum from rattle-can spray paint. Let dry, then lightly dust with rust-colored spray paint. Attach to roof or walls with white craft glue. Enhance edges with a dark acrylic wet wash and let dry. Apply a thin, dirty wash and let dry. Add final rust and grime effects using acrylic chalks. Seal with Testors Dullcote or similar clear matte finish.

We're really proud of this product and we know you'll love it too!

Note that the images are our corrugated metal roofing product on our O Scale Small Shed laser cut kit. The S Scale corrugated roofing is scaled proportionately. 

Be sure to check out our full line of laser cut kits, detailed resin miniatures and more!

This product is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned business. 


Corrugated roofing often comes in galvanized iron or steel, which is colloquially referred to as corrugated iron. Some call this wriggly tin or pailing, but it's typically referred to as corrugated sheet metal and abbreviated CGI. Corrugated roofing is a building material composed of sheets of hot-dip galvanized mild steel, then cold-rolled to create its ribbed shape. 

S scale is commonly referred to as S Scale, 1:64 Scale, 1/64 Scale, and S Gauge. 

Our corrugated roofing is popular for model trains, model railroads, railroad structures, sheds, out-buildings, o scale buildings and o scale sheds, ho scale buildings and ho scale sheds. This product is perfect for both full-scale railroads and narrow-gauge railroads. 

This scale model also works for 1/64 Scale diaromas including 1/64 Scale tractors, farms, sheds, barns, dioramas, miniatures, and many others.  

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