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O Potbelly Stove - Pot Bellied - O Scale

O Potbelly Stove - Pot Bellied - O Scale

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This O Scale Pot Belly Stove is a charming, highly detailed, unpainted, stove, or kitchen stove. 
This is a must-have addition to any model railroad. It's also a perfect for RPG, D&D, wargaming, dioramas and 1:48 scale dollhouses. 

Measures 3/8" wide by 1/2" deep. Height is adjustable to 1", 1.5" or 2" by adding up to two included stove pipes.  

This is a high-quality and detailed, unpainted resin 3D print. 

Beginner tips for painting 3D Resin Prints 
  1. Clean the model with an old, discarded toothbrush using warm soapy water.

  2. Shake the primer paint can well and make sure you paint outdoors and at room temperature.

  3. Spray several very thin coats rather than all at once. You want an even coverage with no pooling or drips.

  4. Leave the primer to dry for several hours. 

  5. Use a high-quality, small brush and inexpensive acrylic paint from your local craft store. 

* Actual color of the unpainted product may vary from the images depending on available resin colors. 

This product is proudly manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned business. 


Pot belly stoves were first produced in the 1800's. They were found in cabins, train stations, sheds and one-room schoolhouses. The flat top of the pot belly stove was uséd for cooking or heating water. 

The scale for this laser-cut kit is commonly referred to as O scale, On30 and 1:48 scale. This product is popular for model trains, model railroads, railroad structures, O scale buildings and O scale homes. This scale model also works for miniatures, miniature wargaming, fantasy wargaming and tabletop games for fantasy, D&D, or Dungeons and Dragons, and many others. 

Pot-bellied stove by Winslow is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. 

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