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Micro-Layout Table for Model Railroad Base - 18" Circle

Micro-Layout Table for Model Railroad Base - 18" Circle

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"One of the coolest new products at the 2023 National Narrow Gauge Convention!" 
- Al Judy (Famous On30 Model Railroad Influencer)
Note: Controller, track and wiring not included.

The "Mini Circle" Micro-Layout Table is a laser-cut tabletop diorama base for N scale, HO scale and very short On30 scale. This base measures 18 3/4" diameter and has an 8.25" radius circular track plan. The finished table measures 4 1/8” tall.
The kit is unassembled.
The four-inch stand is held together with beautiful box joints. The tabletop is in kit form, consisting of two layers that need to be glued together, then attached to slots in the base. The tabletop has the track plan etched on the surface for ease of track laying. When complete, this kit produces an incredibly sturdy "canvas" on which to build your next micro-layout. 

To make sure you are happy with your purchase, please read and understand the following important notes: 

* The radius of the track on this layout is 8.25", which is extremely small! 
--> For N Scale: Suitable for short and medium sized rolling stock.
--> HO Scale: Suitable for short locomotives and cars with a maximum wheelbase length of about 4”. 
--> On30: Suitable for only the shortest of locomotives and rolling stock. 

* Track, wiring and controller are not included.

* There may be minor design changes to what's shown in the images as we fine-tune this new product. 

You will need: ● Flex Track (2x) ● Wire ● Controller ● Wood Glue ● Sheet Sander or Random Orbital Sander ● Blue Painters Tape

Package includes: ● Laser Cut Tabletop ● Laser Cut Interlocking Base ● Laser Cut Track Formers for N and HO ● Access Panel  Access Door Screw Hardware  Detailed Instructions  Suggestions for several short locomotives and rolling stock that we have researched and tested that will run on the 8.25" radius curves. 

Our high-quality laser-cut kits are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by our small, family-owned business. 



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