Shake Shingles Instructions

The shingles differ visually between the front side and the back side of the sheet. Make sure to use the same side for all shingles. Dry fit the various rows of shingles to make sure they will be spaced evenly. 

Start with the lowest layer. Apply a thin line of glue across the top of the shingle strip, but don’t put glue on the shingle tabs.


Work up from the bottom covering the lower row so that the end of the shingle lines are covered. Repeat the rows to the top of the roof. 

Remove the rectangular ridge caps from the shingle sheet. Any tab remains can be carefully removed with a gentle carving motion using a sharp razor knife, or the edges can be lightly sanded with 220 grid sandpaper.


Apply glue to the back by dabbing it on with your finger. 

Attach one at a time and hold in place until it stays. 


Continue from outside to inside, finishing with a piece that covers the center.

To add depth to the roof, use the edge of a razor knife to randomly lift shingle tabs.

Weather the roof with pan pastel weathering chalks.