Resin Miniatures Instructions


  • Acrylic craft paint (Amazon)
  • Fine artist paint brushes (Amazon)
  • Sprue cutter - Optional (Amazon)


NOTE: Some of our minis are incredibly fragile. Be careful how you hold a mini when painting as even slight pressure could damage or break a fragile part. Broken pieces can be easily repaired with a small amount of CA glue. 

Our resin miniatures are manufactured using a series of print supports. Using extreme care, first remove all supports. The supports are designed to be removed with gentle pressure from a fingernail. If a sprue is hard to reach or resists coming loose, try removing with an X-Acto knife or sprue cutter. 


Water well with supports and after supports have been removed. 


We have had excellent results by applying inexpensive craft store acrylic paints directly to the miniature. 


Alternatively, you may choose to first gently clean the model with warm soapy water and let dry. Then apply one or two light coats of primer. if you don't have an airbrush, “rattle can” primer such as Rust-Oleum, Krylon or other brands work fine. 

Apply multiple light coats of the base color using a high-quality fine brush. 

Use darker washes to add shadows to recessed areas. While still wet, excess wash can be wiped off the surface with a paper towel. 

Lightly dry brush highlight colors by applying a small amount of paint to a firm bristle paintbrush. Brush the majority of the paint off on a paper towel. Very gently brush the color onto the surface of the miniature. 

Add final details using washes and pan pastels as desired. 



Halfling Home and Wishing Well are licensed from Real Terrain Hobbies (RealTerrainHobbies on YouTube). Pot-bellied stove by Winslow is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Item has been scaled.