Corrugated Roofing Instructions

Corrugated roofing is often sold in standard panel sizes of 8 feet long by 2 feet wide.

Cut sheet into appropriately sized panels. For HO scale we recommend cutting panels about 1/4" wide, For O scale about 1/2" wide and for S scale 3/8" wide. This creates panels of about 8' x 2', which is equivalent to full scale corrugated roofing. For smaller scales such as S and HO, it may decide it isn't necessary to cut the panels. Even a straight pencil line can represent different panels. 

To form a ridge cap on the top of the roof, you can either cut pieces of corrugated to fit, or cut small rectangles from card stock (such as file folders or index cards). Paint them in the same way that you paint the corrugated panels. 

To paint the panels, make a loop of blue painters’ tape and attach pieces to a scrap piece of carboard.

We like Rust-Oleum 2X Aluminum Metalica or Rust-Oleum Smoke Gray rattle-can spray paint for the base color and Krylon Fusion Satin Brick for the rust color.  

Paint with a light coat of gray or metallic aluminum and let dry.

Using quick bursts from a distance away, lightly dust with rust-colored spray paint and let dry. Try to apply a different amount to each panel make them look unique. 

Attach panels to roof or walls with white craft glue by dipping your finger in the glue and dabbing it on the back of the panel.

(Paint panels before applying to surface. Shown unpainted for illustrative purposes.)

Enhance edges with a dark acrylic wet wash and let dry.

Apply a thin, dirty wash and let dry.

Carefully tracing the panels with a Sharpie Ultra File Point black marker can help differentiate individual panels. 

 Apply final rust and grime effects using powdered acrylic chalk. 

Seal with Testors Dullcote or similar matte finish.